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a comedy so dry and black [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Jan 2009|08:46pm]
I am greater than
Lesser than
Equal to: the sound of you
Singin' the same blues

Trying to wrap my head around
Every........ little.......... thought
That puts the distance between

Boxing up bad ideas to
Ship up north
Arriving at the places
I've got no plans to go

I am greather than
Lesser than
Equal to: the uselessness of
Singin' the same old blues
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[01 Jan 2009|11:09pm]
Went to IOA/Universal today with Raf and Serg.
Had a fucking blast!

Long lines but we rode all the good rides.
And Moe's for dinner.

Perfect day.
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For laughs [21 Dec 2008|01:40pm]

You said, "Why don't you just stop by for a little while?"
This time I was out of excuses, so I came.

You said you lived across from a car dealership.
It wasn't too far out of the way, so I came.

You showed me your new pet snake,
and I told you I wanted no part of it.
And the whole time I was thinking of how I'd rather
you were playing with the snake inside my jeans.

You would tug and pull and yank and jerk.
And it wouldn't be too long before I came.
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Don't be a dick. [18 Oct 2008|01:27pm]

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment
"Inasmuch as a marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."

If passed, the amendment will ban all recognition and benefits for unmarried couples, straight and gay. It will block civil unions, domestic partnership and repeal existing protections and family benefits relied upon by millions of Floridians.
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[14 Mar 2008|12:03pm]
I'll keep this short.

If you are going to Warped Tour this year, PLEASE buy tickets from this link so I can win shit.

Tickets are only like $28 and you get a free CD. If you wait until they go on sale through Ticketmaster you'll have to pay about $35 plus service charges.

Thank you.

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[01 Jan 2008|03:40am]
I feel the need to apologize in advance for 2008.

How do you think you're going to change this year?
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[19 Jul 2007|12:37am]
I really want to go to Books A Million in Vero on Friday night after I get home from Orlando with a big sign that lists the names of every character that dies in the new Harry Potter book and show the sign to everyone when they walk out of the door.
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Sixth graders have sex in class [06 Mar 2007|05:37pm]

Indianapolis - For months it's been a well-kept secret. But now Warren Township Schools confirm a disturbing case of sex in the classroom. The illicit activity has parents concerned and a district at a loss for words.

Shop class gives students a chance to learn outside of the book. But at Warren Township's Raymond Park Middle School, two students engaged in illicit acts in view of goggled eyes.

13 Investigates was tipped off by a disturbed resident who writes:

"...during school hours in a classroom with an experienced teacher present, two sixth graders completed the act of intercourse...at least ten students were witnesses. No disciplinary actions were taken against the teacher... All teachers were told to keep quiet."

Middle school students having sex in a busy classroom while a teacher is present? Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson confirmed it's true. It's been kept under wraps since November.

The principal at Raymond Park Middle School would not speak to us about the incident or parents concerns. The superintendent in charge of middle schools in the district also backed out of an on-camera interview and instead provided a three-sentence statement:

"Two students were involved in inappropriate conduct in a lab class last semester. We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment."

Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson told Eyewitness News off camera the teacher didn't know what was going on because another student acted as a "look-out." But once the teacher discovered the behavior, immediate action was taken. Swensson says the students involved were recommended for expulsion. But he did not say whether the board followed that recommendation.

Warren Township School Police were not aware of the incident and say no report was made even though the children were recommended for expulsion.

We sought comment from all seven Warren Township School Board Members about how this case was handled. No one was available to speak with us.
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[08 Feb 2007|04:50pm]
Oral Roberts.
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[16 Jan 2007|12:35pm]
Fear Before the March of Flames
Murder By Death
Heavy Heavy Low Low

Sunday, Jan 28th -- Freebird Live -- Jacksonville -- $18

Would anyone want to go with me?
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[15 Jan 2007|01:40pm]
SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- A woman who competed in a radio station's contest to see how much water she could drink without going to the bathroom died of water intoxication, the coroner's office said Saturday.

Jennifer Strange, 28, was found dead Friday in her suburban Rancho Cordova home hours after taking part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

"She said to one of our supervisors that she was on her way home and her head was hurting her real bad," said Laura Rios, one of Strange's co-workers at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. "She was crying, and that was the last that anyone had heard from her."

It was not immediately known how much water Strange consumed.

A preliminary investigation found evidence "consistent with a water intoxication death," said assistant Coroner Ed Smith.

John Geary, vice president and marketing manager for Entercom Sacramento, the station's owner, said station personnel were stunned when they heard of Strange's death.

"We are awaiting information that will help explain how this tragic event occurred," he said.

Initially, contestants were handed 8-ounce bottles of water to drink every 15 minutes.

"They were small little half-pint bottles, so we thought it was going to be easy," said fellow contestant James Ybarra of Woodland. "They told us if you don't feel like you can do this, don't put your health at risk."

Ybarra said he quit after drinking five bottles. "My bladder couldn't handle it anymore," he added.

After he quit, he said, the remaining contestants, including Strange, were given even bigger bottles to drink.

"I was talking to her and she was a nice lady," Ybarra said. "She was telling me about her family and her three kids and how she was doing it for her kids."
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stupid idiot [09 Jan 2007|08:45pm]
tomorrow i'm going to ride the mummy until my dick falls off.

jimmy. clay. eugene. yes.
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[07 Jan 2007|02:01am]
i am already ready for another vacation.
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[23 Dec 2006|03:25pm]
who's ready to go to islands of adventure on monday?!
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[18 Dec 2006|12:39am]
i'm going on vacation december 27th-28th.

i've lost my mind.

clay, holy shit.
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last chance [12 Dec 2006|01:23pm]
Presales end Friday. I need to win this contest so make your friends buy tickets. Thanks.

(The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, Senses Fail, Saosin, Chiodos)


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[10 Dec 2006|08:50pm]
buy this for me:

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[11 Nov 2006|11:19pm]
SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -- A Brazilian woman who was shot six times in the head after an altercation with her ex-husband was out of the hospital and talking to the media on Saturday.

"I know this was a miracle," 21-year-old housewife Patricia Goncalves Pereira told Globo TV. "Now I just want to extract the bullets and live my life."

Pereira was shot Friday in the small city of Monte Claros, about 900 kilometers (560 miles) north of Sao Paulo, after quarreling with her former husband, who was reportedly upset because she refused to get back together with him. She was also shot once in the hand.

Doctors could not explain why the .32-caliber bullets did not penetrate Pereira's skull and didn't even need to be extracted immediately.

"I can't explain how something like this happened," surgeon Adriano Teixeira said, adding that the bullets were lodged under the woman's scalp.

The ex-husband was still at large.
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[10 Nov 2006|11:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]


Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. Yuri Ono designs and manages the web site.

Participants accept an assignment, complete it by following the simple but specific instructions, send in the required report (photograph, text, video, etc), and see their work posted on-line. Like a recipe, meditation practice, or familiar song, the prescriptive nature of these assignments is intended to guide people towards their own experience.

Since Learning To Love You More is also an ever-changing series of exhibitions, screenings and radio broadcasts presented all over the world, participant's documentation is also their submission for possible inclusion in one of these presentations. Past presentations have taken place at venues that include The Whitney Museum in NYC, Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, Aurora Picture Show in Houston, TX, The Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, WA, the Wattis Institute in San Francisco CA, among others.
Since LTLYM inception in 2002 over 2000 people have participated in the project.

who wants to do some of the assignments with me? jill, i think you should. =]

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[10 Nov 2006|03:56am]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm never going to question going to a show alone again. these arms are snakes were so fucking good tonight. they impressed me and i had an absolute blast. i mean, they didn't play some songs i really wanted to hear but they went nuts and i had so much fun. they played one of the best shows i've ever seen.

i wish everyone who doesn't like them could have just seen them tonight.

i also peed on myself on the way there. it sucked.

what's going on friday more importantly saturday? if i have to spend the day at home i'll .... that won't happen this week. lets do something.

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